Thursday, January 3, 2013

Episode 4: The Media Fast

Feeling overwhelmed by your smartphone, Internet, email, and multitude of social media technologies? You're not alone. In this episode you'll hear from two people who are attempting to develop healthier habits -- starting  with a media fast. And, you'll hear from an internet-obsessed orthodox Jew who observes a strict weekly Sabbath, no matter what.

Media Fast (n) - To reduce or eliminate one or more media sources from one's life for a set period of time. (I'm making this up)

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About the participants:
Eagranie Yuh's website, The Well-Tempered Chocolatier
Ariel Remer's company:
Scott Culley is an artist and musician

Theme music: African Skies, by composer Derek Fiechter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Episode 3: Laughter Yoga Clubs

In this episode of Happy producer JP Davidson drops into a Laughter Yoga Club. The first one started in the mid-90s in Mumbai. Now there over 8000 clubs around the world. Is it funny ha-ha or funny peculiar? You be the judge.

About JP Davidson.
JP appears regularly on CBC Radio and has a great podcast about dating and relationships called I Like You. He's the founder of the Canadian Sound and Story Workshop, a community for independent podcast, radio, and multimedia producers.

Music: African Skies, by composer Derek Fiechter.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Episode 2: Melissa Gets a Life Coach

Ever wonder what a Life Coach does?

In growing numbers, people from all walks of life are turning to a Life Coach when they feel lost or stuck, or want to make a change.

The origins of Life Coaching, as practiced today, go back to the teachings of Benjamin Karter, a college football coach turned motivational speaker in the late 1970s. Over time Life Coaching has become a more formalized practice with an established ethos and methodology.

This episode of Happy follows one woman's journey through Life Coaching. Before she started, she was stuck in a dead-end restaurant job. Now she is successfully freelancing as film maker, making lovely documentaries for a variety of clients. Find out how she made the change.

Episode Details: 
Producer: Sean Rasmussen
Music: Dinah Washington, "There'll Be Some Changes Made"
Interview Subject: Melissa Dozois (See her work)
Special thanks to: Toronto-based Life Coach Nicola Holmes

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Episode 1: Hugh Oliver Breaks into the Music Scene, at 82

If you have ever given up on a dream, or think you're too old to start something new, you might think again after hearing this episode of happy..

Hugh Oliver is breaking into the music scene at 82, with his combination of catchy melodies and clever lyrics, about topics such as Facebook, Internet dating, death, and more. With a documentary coming out this summer about him, and some YouTube videos that are going viral, it looks like he's on his way.

Find out more about Hugh Oliver: